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All information And About Afghanistan

The full name of this country is the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. As you also know that Kabul is the capital city of this region. There are many things connect Afghanistan with the world. Like culture, religion. If we look at the history of Afghanistan so we see that this country is home for Muslim heroes. You will find an ancient history in this region. It has almost about 50 to 60 thousand-year-old history. You must know that this region is most suited for agriculture.

Everything About Afghanistan:

Afghanistan was also part of the Persian dynasty in the past. About in 329Bc, This region was conquered by Alexender. From the Persian dynasty but in few years Mongols have conquered this region. In last it was conquered by Muslim rulers. If we talk about this region there is one main thing which makes this region different from other countries. Huge hills and mountains these beautiful mountains stop the enemies of it. You must know that Kabul was also the capital of Mughals. In the year 1919 Afghanistan was born in the leadership of Shah Amanullah. Many Muslim counties surround this country like Pakistan, Iran, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, China, etc.

The people of this beautiful country has faced many problems in the war. The people of Afghanistan are very brave, as there are many examples in present and also in history.
In the 80s this region was destroyed and the people of this region migrated to other countries like Pakistan, Iran, Tajikistan, etc. Nowadays the situation of this country is better than in the past. We hope this country will be a peaceful country in the future.

Beauty :

It is also a very beautiful county in the world there are many places where you can visit. Kabul is a very beautiful city in this country. Majority of the people of this country live in villages. mountains greenery and every natural resource are available in Afghanistan. overall if the current situation of this country ends then this country will develop.


Today I have shared some basic but the most important information about Afghanistan. As we all know war makes problems and war had made problems in this region. There are many ways to develop this country. Gold, Salt, Copper, Diamonds. Everything is present in this country. Just the government has to work on it. I hope you will like this post. I have tried to give you important information about this country. If you like this post you can share this. If you want to know how to make Chocolate kulfi at home-step by step then click here.

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