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Trip to Dubai-places to visit in Dubai

Trip to Dubai, As you know that Dubai is one of the emirate of United Arab Emirates. Most When ever we hear about Dubai one thing comes in our mind, The high buildings. Today I will give you some important and interesting information about Dubai. One of the most important fact you must know about Dubai is that Dubai was a dearest area about 20 years ago. But now it is totally changed will be shocked when you see some old pictures of Dubai.

Every year Dubai rapidly changes. If you see any building in 2019 and then after 2 years when you see that building so you will see that that building will totally changed. The Government of Dubai has done a great job to built Dubai. You must know that Dubai’s economy is totally based on tourism. Lets know about places where you must visit w

places to visit in Dubai/Trip to Dubai:

There are so many place in Dubai where you can visit or explore. Let me tell you most beautiful and interesting places to Visit in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa: You will see a great engineering example when you see Burj Khalifa. As you already know that that Burj Khalifa is the Tallest building in the world. This building has a great combination of science and visionary idea. Did you know World tallest restaurant, World tallest mosque, World tallest swimming pool is in Burj Khalifa. This building is about 828 Meter tall. There are 160 floors in this building. This building was constructed in almost 5 years. One more interesting thing about Burj khalifa is that the temperature of top floor is 15 degree less then ground floor. So you can imagine how long this building is. If you are traveling to Dubai so you must visit Burj Khalifa.

Miracle Garden:

As the name of this place clear that this place is a miracle place. As you know that Dubai is a deserter area but government has made world biggest flower garden. There are thousands type of flowers in this garden. Every year millions of people comes to visit this garden. There are many beautiful Scene to see to see in this Garden. If you ever visit to Dubai so you must visit Miracle Garden.

Atlantes The Palm: This place is build on the man mad Island. This place is also one of the most beautiful place for tourist to visit. It is not only famous for the five star hotel because there are many other things in the Atlantes for enjoyment like water park, The lost city and many more. You can swim with dolphins but one important thing which you have to take care before visiting this place is that you have to pay in advanced so you have to look into your pocket because this place has a great demand from the tourist. So if you think you have enough money then you can visit Atlantes The Palm.

Dubai Mall: Everyone do shopping when they visit Dubai. Almost every tourist come to Dubai Mall when they come to Dubai. There are so many Malls are in Dubai but when we say the best so it will Dubai mall. You can buy anything in this mall. Most of the people come here for enjoyment and it is also the best place for enjoyment. If you are in Dubai so you have to visit this place.

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